NRL Workshop 15 December 2020

Workshop Agenda
Workshop NRLs video (part 1)
Workshop NRLs video (part 2)

NRL Workshop Rome 23-24 May 2019

Workshop Agenda

Presentations May 23

Past and present status of taeniid cestodes in Iceland-Pálsdóttir GR

Cystic echinococcosis in Bulgaria 2006 – 2017-Harizanov R

A report of Croatian National Reference Laboratory for Parasites (genus Trichinella)-Balic D

Trichinella species in change in Finland-Oksanen A

Test sensitivity of a commercial serine protease digestion-Franssen F

Foodborne parasites from meat samples in Estonia-Moks E

Epidemiology of Cryptosporidium spp. in diary cattle in Latvia-Deksne G

Cyst-like lesions in lamb muscle tissue – enough to put you off your dinner-O’Shaughnessy J

Anisakis PT-Lalle M

Echinococcus PT-Casulli A

Toxoplasma PT-Ludovisi A

Trichinella PT-Marucci G

Molecular detection of Sarcocystis spp. in meat samples-Tosini F

A focus on LAMP application for the detection of Toxoplasma gondii in different food matrices-Lalle M

Characterizing genetic diversity of Trichinella spp. in European regions by microsatellites analysis-La Rosa G

Outbreak of human Trichinellosis in Spain, 2019-Olmedo J

Anisakids prevalence in Baltic Cod and Herring, Will parasite determine the cod future?-Rozycki M

Biomolecular Characterization of Echinococcus granulosus Larval Form in Sardinian Patient Affected by Cystic Echinococcosis-Santucciu C

Presentations May 24

The liver fluke Opisthorchis felineus molecular biology and carcinogenic potential-Mordvinov V

The ecology of transmission of Echinococcus multilocularis distribution, invasions and host communities-Massolo A

Outcomes of the Foodborne Parasites Cost Action-Robertson LJ

Contamination of fresh produce and seafood by protozoan parasites implications for public health-Giangaspero A

Past, present and future of food-borne parasite research-Pozio E

Round Table on the EFSA Expert Opinion on Foodborne Parasites

Public health risks associated with foodborne parasites-Hempen M

Round Table-Cryptosporidium

Round table-Echinococcus

Round table-Toxoplasma

NRL Posters

Austrian NRL-Activity report for 2018

Czech NRL-Activity report for 2018

Danish NRL (DTU)-Toxoplasma gondii seroprevalencein feral and farmed Danish mink

Danish NRL (SSI)- Seroprevalence of T gondii in domestic pigs, sheep, cattle, wild boars, and moose in the Nordic-Baltic region

French NRL-Trichinella species identifycation by MALDI-TOF

German NRL-Activity report for 2018

Greek NRL-Activity report for 2018

Hungarian NRL-Activity report 2009-2018

Ireland NRL-Surveillance to protect Irish wildlife, pets and people from Echinococcus multilocularis

Italian NRL for Anisakis-Activity report for 2018

Italian NRL for Echinococcosis-Biomolecular Characterization of E. granulosus Larval Form in Sardinian Patient Affected by Cystic Echinococcosis

Italian NRL for Echinococcosis-Evaluation of a novel commercial kit for the detection of E. granulosus antibodies in human sera

Italian NRL for Toxoplasmosis-Toxoplasma gondii in raw milk from Sicily

Lithuanian NRL-Activity report for 2018 Norvegian NRL-Results of the national Trichinella proficiency testing

Polish NRL-Anisakids nematodes of Baltic cod (Gadus morhua) and herring (Clupea herrengus)

Polish NRL-Echinococcus multilocularis in cats and dogs from shelter and rural owners in a highly endemic area

Polish NRL-Possible role of behavers in contamination of the Masurian Lake District water with Cryptosporidum spp. and Giardia duodenalis

Portuguese NRL-Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in horses in Portugal

Romanian NRL-Activity report for 2018

Serbian NRL-Epidemiological and epizootilogical data on Trichinella spp. presence in Serbia for 2018

Slovak NRL-Trichinella, Echinococcus, Anisakis and Toxoplasma in the Slovak Republic in 2018

Slovenian NRL-Report on Trichinella Testing and Monitoring during 2018

Spanish NRL-Outbreak of human Trichinellosis in Spain in 2019

Swedish NRL-Trends in Trichinella testing in Sweden

NRL Workshop Rome 24-25 May 2018

Workshop Agenda

Presentations May 24

HERACLES surveys-A. Casulli

Suggestion for an useful information flow in cystic echinococcosis-T. Piseddu

Are forest berries not to blame for human alveolar echinococcosis-A. Oksanen

Cystic echinococcosis in a domestic cat an Italian case report-P.Bonelli

Ten years of surveillance of Echinococcus multilocularis in France-F. Boue

Estimation of the parasitological contamination of sewage sludges produced by wastewater treatment plants in Poland-M. Rozycki

Large scale serological monitoring for Toxoplasma gondii in pigs in the Netherlands-J. van der Giessen

Advances in neonatal cryptosporidiosis maternal immunisation as feasible strategy for control and prevention-F. Tosini

Development and validation of ELISA for Trichinella-specific antibody detection-L. Sofronic-Milosavljevic

The raccoon dog as reservoir and vector for Trichinella in Germany-A. Mayer-Scholl

Natural history of Trichinella britovi in the neighboring Mediterranean islands of Corsica and Sardinia-G. Marucci

Evaluation of the PrioCHECK Trichinella AAD kit to detect Trichinella in muscle tissues of domestic pigs by the Trichomatic 35-W. Basso

Effect of testing and production system on the human risk of Trichinella ascribed to pig meat-F. Franssen

Impact of the new Trichinella regulation on the performance of field laboratories-M. Rozycki

NRLs Presentations

Belgian NRL activities-M. Claes

Croatian NRL activities-D. Balic

Czech Rep NRL activities-J. Harna

Epidemiological situation of human trichinellosis in Bulgaria for the period 2013-2017-N. Tsvetkova

Genetic characterization of Echinococcus spp. in cattle, sheep and swine in Hungary-T. Sreter

Increasing awareness of Trichinella spp. presence in Eurasian beaver-G. Deksne

Irish NRL activities-J. O’Shaughnessy

Lithuanian NRL activities-M. Karaliene

Serbian NRL activities-Sofronic-Milosavljevic

Slovak Republic NRL activities-D. Valentova

Slovenian NRL activities-A. Vergles Rataj

Spanish NRL activities-J. Olmedo

Trichinella detection in meat Special regulation for corsican pigs-I. Vallée

Trichinella in wild animals in Estonia 2015-2017-A. Karssin

Trichinella in wildlife in Sweden 2007-2017-A. Lunden

UK NRL activities-J. Learmount

Validation of a method for the diagnosis of Echinococcus in humans by means of a commercial ELISA-C. Santucciu


NRLs poster presentation-audio1

NRLs poster presentation-audio2

Presentations May 25

Diagnostic methods for Toxoplasma gondii-L. Kramer

Global and European Burden of Foodborne Parasites-P. R. Torgeson

Foodborne parasitic zoonoses and wildlife-L. Rossi

CYSTINET activity 2013-2017-S. Gabriel

The EURL for Escherichia coli-S. Morabito

Reporting of parasitic zoonoses in the EU-Overview of EUSR 2016-M. Hempen

Anisakis PT 2018-M. Lalle

Echinococcus PT 2018-A. Casulli

Trichinella PT 2018-G. Marucci

Toxoplasma PT 2018-A. Ludovisi

NRL needs, proposals, and any other business-S. Caccio

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